Smell Proof UV Protective Violet Glass Herb Jar (100ml) with Humidity Pack

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Smell Proof UV Protective Violet Glass Herb Jar (100ml) with Humidity Pack is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

✅ 100% Smell proof and air tight. Seal in even the strongest scents.  

✅ UV protective: Maintain the potency and freshness of food, herbs and perishables for longer than standard jars.

✅ 100% authentic Miron Violetglass, with a patented construction used worldwide for cosmetic, oil and herb storage. Why settle for less than the best?

✅ Precision manufactured in Germany with an emphasis on durability and strength. These are the real deal.

✅ Humidity pack included, preserve your herbs, spices, coffee & teas and keeps them fresh for months!

✅100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Prymal Products is an American Brand and Company that you can trust.  All of your purchases here are backed by our 100% Money-back guarantee. We ensure that you will be fully satisfied with your product or you will receive your money back.

Have you ever experienced dry, bland and off-smelling herbs or spices?   If so, you can appreciate the difference between fresh and old.  Once an herb is cut from the plant, it begins to age and lose many of its characteristics.  Exposure to light, air and moisture content are the primary factors that influence the speed of decay.  

Prymal's 100ml stash jar protects you on all fronts.  The patented Miron violet glass blocks harmful UV-B and other damaging light, while allowing in beneficial UV-A and infrared which protect your goods.  Air exposure is minimized, by the lid's air tight seal.  Finally, the Boveda humidity packet maintains a proper 62% relative humidity to keep your herbs, spices and teas at an optimal level, preserving them and keeping them ready for use at any time.  

The perfect on-the-go solution to herb storage, you can be at ease knowing that your jar was built and designed to withstand drops and that the air tight lid seals in any strong scents. 

Each kit comes in stylish packaging and contains a jar & lid, humidity packet, Prymal black logo sticker and two white jar labels that can be written on.  The jars also fit perfectly in your Prymal Stash box!  Highly recommended by Ode Magazine.  

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