How to hack open a luggage lock without the password

Luggage locks are not meant to be iron-clad.  They are meant to be able to be opened in case the user doesn't have the password.  It just takes some extra effort.

To unlock a luggage lock similar to the ones on our Prymal Stash bags, you first need to figure out the combination that the bag is set to. 

All bags come set by default as 0-0-0. 

Even if you have previously reset the combination to something else, its possible that the bag did not register the new combination which can cause the buttons to jam up.  This can happen if you pressed the small reset button while an incorrect combination was set.  

So do the following:

1.  Try to open the bag by setting the pins carefully to the most recent combination that you set and pressing the big unlock button on the right.  

2. If #1 didn't work, then try the same using 0-0-0.

3.  If #2 didn't work then you need to be 100% sure of what combo the bag is set to.  You can 'hack' the bag by following the steps in the below video, which will uncover the correct combination that the lock is set to.  You can more easily see the indents on the pins by using a small flashlight.

4.  Once the correct combo is confirmed, try opening the bag with the big unlock button on the right. 

5.  If #4 doesn't work, re-perform step #3 and continue on.  It's hard to see those pin indentations so this is the likely culprit if your bag is still stuck.

6. If your bag will still not unlock, then make sure that the correct combo is set.  Then, using a small screwdriver and hammer, tap on the reset button while pressing the big unlock button.  Keep tapping harder and harder if it doesn't open.

How to reset your combination

The one change I'd make to the below instructions are for step #1.  0-0-0 is correct if you have a new bag or if that's your current correct combo. 

But if you've already reset your combination previously, so it is no longer 0-0-0, then you need to have the current correct combination entered before going to step #2.  So before step #2, confirm that your bag will open by pressing the big open button.  If it opens, proceed.  If it doesn't open, change the pins to the correct combination and 'hack' the lock per the above if you don't know it.


How to set the lock on your stash bag