Bamboo and Black Walnut Large Stash Box with Lock and Rolling Tray Kit

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The Roller's Stash Box – Our flagship product with over 10,000 sold, the box  is designed specifically for people who like to roll.  The nearly 9" square lid has a lip for generous rolling space.  

Tons of Storage Capacity - Fit your favorite glassware, papers, grinders and jars conveniently in one place! Box dimensions are 8.9" long x 8.9" wide x 3.5" tall.

Bamboo Rolling Tray - Stores away easily in the top shelf. Tray is 5.5" x 3.5" x 0.3".

Lock & Key - Keep your herbs away from prying hands and eyes!  Prevents access from kids and pets.

Smell Proof Pouch - One re-sealable pouch included.  Hide odors and protect your bud from damaging light.  Pouch is  4.75" x 3".

Built to Last - Solid construction and materials – 100% bamboo with a real black walnut lid. Fine woodworking joints, reinforced corners and solid wood add to the box’s durability. The box is finished inside and out with a light wax finish to prevent stains.

Discreet and Elegant Design - Blends into any decor. No exterior logos so no one will suspect the contents of your stash. 

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