10 PACK - Large Aluminum Herb Grinder - 2.5 inch (LIMITED TIME)

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✅ 10 PACK - Receive 10 Grinders with each order!  Mix and Match colors (shoot me an email with what colors, Black, Brown or Purple you'd like)

✅ Perfect grind every time:  sharp aluminum teeth make grinding easy and consistent.

✅ Constructed from anodized aluminum, our grinders are built to last. 

✅ 4 piece grinder, top chamber holds raw herbs and spices, a few twists to grind and the ground pieces fall through to the holding chamber, which can be opened with a few twists.

✅ Improved design:  the screen mesh that holds the ground herb locks into place easily, and unlocks with a quarter twist. No more accidentally dropping herb! 

✅ Includes velvet bag: stylish bag keeps your grinder together neatly in your pocket and prevents it from rubbing against your glassware.