Wholesale Pricing

Our products make a fine addition to any smoke shop or dispensary.  See below for our wholesale prices.  We do not currently have a minimum order value.

Shipping costs are in addition to the below prices, and are estimated based the weight and distance from Salem, MA.

If you are interested in making an order or have any questions, please e-mail support@prymalproducts.com , be sure to include your name, and the name and address of your shop. 


SKU Wholesale (any qty)
Stash Box Stash Box 1  $                            17.50
Smell Proof Bag (Black) Locking Bag Black  $                            15.00
Smell Proof Bag (Brown) Locking Bag Brown  $                            15.00
Stash Jar E9-JCDF-0WPU  $                              7.50
Dugout Dugout 1  $                              7.50
Herb Grinder (black) Grinder Black  $                              9.00
Herb Grinder (Brown) Grinder Brown  $                              9.00